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"You Undersell Yourself"

Is it a compliment? An Insult? Constructive Feedback?

To be honest, I took it as a compliment! I know I'm really good at what I do, but that I struggle to convey what I'm capable of to the world.

I am SO fortunate to be working with amazing business people who don't hesitate to tell me how much I help them, but also give me some tips on how to take this company bigger.

I started working with Anna Forbes at Smooth Consulting and she opened up my brain and started sorting out the mess that was my understanding of business.

Imagine those old timey telephone switchboards with all the plugs and cables. Anna is unplugging those cables, and not only showing me where to plug them in, but is also showing me how to plug them in to create AMAZING connections, new revenues streams and business opportunities!

I have ADHD and this can be a superpower and my biggest struggle. One of the main reasons I started this business was to be my own boss and cater to my mental abilities. I'm productive at certain parts of the day but the regular 9-5 doesn't allow me to excel in my hyperfocus state and speedy operation. But now, I'm able to work when I'm most productive, and with Anna's coaching, ideas, rewriting my limiting beliefs, and getting out of my comfort zone, I know 2022 is going to be HUGE for Zeda!

I'll be able to harness all my new business knowledge and ideas, along with my hyperfocus and true passion to help others to reach out even farther AND bring even more options for our current clients.

Look out world. It's going to be a big year.

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