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Do you wake up every day and immediately think about all the things that you need to get done for your business?

This is a different feeling than waking up and dreading heading into work. It is the idea of constantly feeling like you need to be available in order to be successful.

For coaches, I’m talking about always thinking of your schedule and that feeling of unpreparedness when a meeting cancels at the last minute or just doesn’t show up. Your mind is constantly trying to fill those spaces with other clients because as you know - time is money.

For speakers, I’m talking about waking up to emails and voice messages from groups who are keen to book you in for their next conference or workshop. The amount of planning and writing work associated with every new event can be incredibly overwhelming with the addition of more emails and calls from people who want you for their conferences as well. For independent therapists and counselors this would be waking up to emails from clients hoping to get in urgently for a session or asking many questions about what it is you can do for them. We can help you manage those schedules, respond to those question-filled emails, or create an up-to-date, automated response that covers all the bases.

Are there more things you would like to do for your current, past, or potential clientele that you haven’t had the time to accomplish?

We can work with you to help you harness those ideas and make them a reality. From organizing appreciation gifts to sending out follow up cards or email. Are you comfortable creating your own content but need a proofreader? We can most definitely do that! What area could you use extra support in? Let us know in the comments!

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