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Office Dogs: Meet Ghost

Say hello to Ghost! (or Ghostie as I often call him)

I had the pleasure of meeting Ghost two years ago when I met his Dad. He's an all white Siberian Husky with heterochromia. That means he has two different coloured eyes. You'd be surprised how many people point this out to me when I'm walking him. As if I didn't already know!

One of the big reasons I started a work from home business where I set my own hours is for Ghost. When my Fiancé and I were both working outside of the home, Ghost would spend nearly 10 hours alone at home. This broke my heart. That's too long for any dog to spend alone.

When COVID started, I noticed how much happier he was that I was home all the time. He was smiling, more tired, and having a much better quality of life overall. I promised then that he would never again spend hours a day, home alone just waiting for us to come home.

As I'm writing this, he's at daycare. He's happier when I'm home, but I also began to worry about him developing some separation anxiety. I'd started noticing that when I left to do my volunteer time, he would cry and let out this adorably sad howl, and was VERY happy when I returned. Luckily, there's a nearby dog daycare where he gets to chase a ball ALL day and "play" with other dogs. (Play is in quotes because Ghost isn't a dog's dog. He's polite and says hi, but doesn't wrestle or play with other dogs. He just wants someone to throw the ball.)

Daycare also gives me a tiny break to plow through some work, such as this blog! But I know as soon as he gets home, he'll be back in his favourite spot, keeping watch over the backyard.

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