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Navigating Self-Care in a Busy World

Pretty much all of us have felt the stress and strain of navigating life in a pandemic. As we rapidly move into a post-pandemic world, there are going to be struggles in returning to what was "normal".

But here's the thing about that....

We shouldn't.

We've been given a chance to avoid the hustle and bustle and STRESS that was part of the Before Times. I've heard of many people who are quitting their jobs if they are forced to return to working at the office.

Wanting to keep control of your self-care and mental health is SO important, and there's no better way to do that than to build it into your day.


I started morning meditations last year and it was such a positive way to start my day. I'd never had any luck with meditation in the past but Balance was amazing at step by step guided meditations to help me ease into it and learn how to be still. Turns out, you're allowed to let your mind drift! I had always thought this meant I was failing but, nope!

Balance is 100% my number 1 recommendation for anyone just starting on their meditation journey. If you're more experienced, I recommend Calm, which has SO MUCH selection. I'm really enjoying it.


We've all heard about taking breaks during the workday to help our brains and bodies recover from sitting and staring at a screen, but why not take those breaks outside? Grab your coffee and sit out on the patio at work or at home. Take a quick ten minute walk around the block or down the street. Fresh air, sunshine, and movement are all going to keep you energized and allow you to recharge so you can tackle the rest of the day.

A good rule of thumb is a 10 minute break for every 50 minutes of work. Your back will thank you!


My love of reading stems from the escapism of it. I love disappearing into a fiction book and living amongst all the characters. Even a great non-fiction book can completely hook my attention to someone else's story, or some good old personal development (so my growth never stops).

No time to sit still? Audiobooks count! And so do Podcasts!

Podcasts can make you laugh, cry, gasp, or smile. I've listened to some that do all of those things. It's just a wonderful way to give your mind a break and listen to a great interview, a story, or some true crime (which is, of COURSE, my favourite)

Load up your phone and listen on your commute. Or carve some downtime before bed to relax and unwind with a book or learn something new with a Podcast.

Looking for some recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

Your people

Finally, reach out to your people! Whether you're having a really tough time and need some support, or you just want to catch up (distanced or in person), it feels GOOD to see people again and start laughing and talking in person.

Schedule a date night with your significant other and spend some 1 on 1 time together.

Make a game night and have everyone wear silly hats.

Head to a pub with friend and catch the game.

There are so many options to start reconnecting and being with each other again, so when it's safe to do so, start getting out there and seeing your people.

I promise, it will feel great!

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