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My boss didn't know I took a vacation...

I did a thing in May. Hopped on a flight with my husband and some friends and headed down to Nashville for 5-days.

I wanted to use the opportunity to run an experiment so, I didn’t tell my boss that I was going away.

(me working at LaGuardia airport between flights)

The Importance of Work-Life-Travel Balance:

Work-life balance has long been recognized as essential for overall well-being. Adding travel to the equation introduces an element of adventure and exploration that can rejuvenate the mind and spirit. Striking a balance between professional responsibilities and wanderlust can result in a more fulfilling life.

The great thing about being able to work remotely is that I can complete my work from anywhere as long as I can access Wi-Fi or hotspot off my cell phone.

Because she and I have a 3-hour time difference, it is not unusual that we work different hours from one another. So, I would work a couple hours in the mornings, before the rest of my group woke up and finish the rest in the evening before I went to sleep. On travel days, I would work at the airport while waiting to board.

(View of downtown Nashville at night from our hotels rooftop)

The best part?

No assignments were missed.

No tasks went left incomplete.

And she had no idea I was away.

I was walking around downtown Nashville, seeing the sights, eating in amazing Honky Tonk's and still helping our clients with their business.

(My husband, Tyler and I with lower downtown Nashville in the background)

I finally asked her part way through the week if she knew that I had not been working from home. She had no clue since all my work was still getting done. And then she was BEYOND excited!

(Taylor Swift had been here exactly 2 days prior!)

My experiment was successful and I had a wonderful trip! I'm proof that work-life-travel balance is an attainable and enriching goal.

By strategically managing your time, setting clear boundaries, and leveraging technology, you can embrace both your professional responsibilities and your thirst for adventure. Remember that the art of balance is a continuous journey, and adjusting your strategies as circumstances evolve is key to a fulfilling life enriched by both work and travel.

If you're struggling to maintain a work-life balance, or just can't seem to get ahead to make time to book a vacation, let's chat! We help all sorts of business owners take back their time and travel all over!

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