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Meet "Baz" ~ the newest PET member to the Zeda team!

Editors note: We haven't introduced our newest HUMAN team member, Lisa Keating but, we are going to do a whole post on the blog about her ADORABLE puppy!!!

Bazzie Bear is a Pomeranian chihuahua cross, he is 4 years old, he enjoys playing with his little brother and loves long walks on the beach. Baz is more than just a family member, a best friend, and cuddle buddy, he is also a supermodel who loves posing for the camera.

You could not find a more loyal friend than Baz. He knows when you’re upset and need an extra cuddle, he will sit with you all day long if you're feeling sick, but the moment he hears the cheese wrapper open, he’s gone.

There are no words to describe just how lucky we are to have Baz in our lives. He puts a smile on our faces everyday, he’s so excited the moment we come home from work, and he’s our biggest fan! His other skills entail eating up all the crumbs baby Connor throws off his dinner plate, chasing away the pesky neighbours who are minding their own business and last but not least winning every snoring contest, even against Dad.

Bazzie bear is truly one of a kind, with a personality larger than life, and exponential life goals. After seeing the success of Grumpy Cat, his lifelong dream is to become the internet sensation “Happy Dog”.

While working towards his goals, you will find him hiking through the trials on Vancouver Island or sleeping soundly on his couch.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Baz Keating. #happydog

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