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I guess I can do your job for you...

Someone got so busy that she "forgot" it was her turn to do the blog this week and she asked me if I minded doing it. LUCKY for her, I keep draft blogs ready to go…

So today you get to learn the answer to the ever changing question - What am I working on? I think I originally wrote this draft in May so I am going to make notes of the changes cause some of them are quite funny to me now. I have done 'real time' notes in BOLD. The first thing I do when I start work (usually somewhere between 530-7) is check Slack to see if there are any urgent messages. *Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need by bringing people together to work as one unified team. Note: I DO NOT wake up at 530 to start work anymore! I tend to be awake between 2-5am and then I can usually get back to sleep, thank goodness! When I first started this job I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get all my hours of work in throughout the day (mainly because at the time I was helping my kids with online schooling too!) so, I would try and wake up as early before my kids as I could. Now I know that I can get through all the work, so I don’t have to be up as early. Once that is done, I search for potential volunteer opportunities in the Vancouver area. I have to find positions that are available to people who work office hours so mostly events that happen on weekends. *Do you have any insight into any opportunities that might be available? PLEASE let me know!! When I have found a few opportunities I add them to one spreadsheet so that I can gather more information about them and then I pick a couple each day to add to a different spreadsheet that gets posted to the company's website. Note: this task used to consume about half of my workday - now I only spend about an hour a day looking for and posting the opportunities. It is actually one of the tasks I enjoy doing most each day! Now our search has expanded to Toronto area also! After that, I move on to making sure all the social media content needed for the week is posted to Later or at least ready to go. *Later is an all-in-one content posting calendar for social media. It helps you manage and quickly share your posts to multiple platforms all in the same place.

Note: I still do this but, our content ideas are constantly changing. Our next venture which is really outside my element (I dont like being on camera) is doing Reels! Usually around this time is when my kids have woken up so I take a break to get some breakfast and get them working on something to keep them busy. Note: this still sort of happens… I can usually get about an hour of work done now before they wake up and then will try and make sure they've eaten something by 10am. Oh man, I can’t wait for them to be back at school!

Back to the desk, I start tasks that have been assigned to me via Trello. *Trello is a complete task manager that is great for people working as a team. You can make notes and share documents directly with the team. Some tasks are quick and easy (ie: building templates = easy, certain research projects = hard) so it involves prioritizing the ones that are most urgent vs the ones that will consume the most of my time. I often create spreadsheet and document templates, research possible podcasts and events for speakers and coaches or I find myself scrolling through Pinterest to get ideas for content we could be posting. Note: the most engaging part about this job is that the tasks are so random and they are different from day to day. Yes, there are some that stay the same daily (volunteer postings and content creating) but I love the one-off assignments!

I track all my work time using Toggl. It is as simple as clicking start and stop on the timer and picking which project I am working on. This way our clients aren’t getting billed for more than just the time we spend working for them.

Once I am done for the day, I get a chance to spend some time with my kids and do some of the housework…(or have a nap, hahahaha!)

Note: I do not nap. See, husband…. I. Do. Not. Nap.


I wanted to give anyone that has been curious an idea of what my day to day can look like. I also wanted to give some insight into all the apps we use and have shared on our “Apps We Love…” posts. We use the apps daily and we rely on them to make our jobs run smoothly. Even if you are not a part of a business team these apps would make great tools for any groups you might be a member of.

Note: I stand by this statement.

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