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How can a virtual assistant help you?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The first question I'm asked when I say that I'm a virtual assistant is, "What does a virtual assistant do?"

The more appropriate question is "How can a virtual assistant help?"

We all have a long list of tasks we want to do. In our business or personal life, we all have stuff we keep meaning to get around to, but actually never really do!

That's where a VA can make all the difference.

All those tasks that are really important for your business growth and organization can be passed on to us! We've gone through years of client files and organized the details. We've migrated entire Cloud storage systems and implemented routines to keep files sorted. All that work on our plate, instead of yours, leaves more time for you to get back to the work that is making you money!

Speaking of money, hiring a VA can also save you that hard earned $$. As contractors, you only pay us our weekly fee based on your package choice. Unlike an employee, you won't have to pay for taxes, EI, CPP, or any other government/benefits packages that many employers pay for. You won't need to make sure there is space in the office and get a computer, desk, and all the other requirements for a physical space for a person. All that money stays right in your pocket.

A VA also makes your solo operation more of a team! You now have someone to work WITH. Someone to bounce ideas off and share plans and goals with. A VA is also someone who might have strengths in areas you don't, making it easier to tackle social media or researching larger projects. Collaboration and teamwork make the dream work!

There is SO MUCH we can do to help you! Say goodbye to stress, overwhelm, burnout, and fear of the to-do list!

Head on over to our Services page to see how we can make your life easier!

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