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Content Worth Following: TikTok

We're back to share our opinion of creators we think have content worth following. This time we will be sharing a few pages we follow on TikTok!

@excel.withgrant - Grant gives us the scoop with 10 second tips and hacks to make Excel easy and work faster!

@easy_sheets - Can you really learn too many Excel hacks?

@carescatshelter - This is the cat shelter that Shawna spends her Wednesday afternoons at and she also makes all the videos! - I started following this one because it had some awesome information on fonts, but it's evolved now to become a small business info channel! Very cool.

@kelseytrueatwork - This is a wonderful account for some laughs. She posts "Healthy workplace humour and job tips." There is definitely something everyone can related to in these clips!

Who do you think we should be following?

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