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Booking and Scheduling

We’ll automate your booking system so you no longer need to deal with scheduling during your calls. We’ll take care of the email back-and-forth to find meeting time(s) so that you have more time to meet with your clients and seek out new opportunities.

Research and Comparisons

Whether you’re looking to compare software, items, gifts, or something else altogether, we’ll handle the research and present you with the best options so that it’s easier for you to make an informed decision.

Social Media Posts and Responses

​If you don’t have time to keep up with posts and comments on your social accounts, we’ll schedule posts and monitor your accounts so you never have to put posts up or check the comments!

Project Management and Accountability

We’ll also remind you about the tasks you’re working on so that they don’t fall to the wayside. As a result, you’ll be more on top of your growth plan and customer experience, leading to more opportunities for you and your clients. 👍🏽

File Digitization and Organization

Do you have years of paper documents that need to be digitized? We’ll digitize these documents so that you can keep your material organized and easily accessible.

Customer Service

We’ll liaise with your customers and resolve any issues in a timely, professional manner. There’s no business without happy customers, so we’ll make sure they stay that way. :)

Newsletter and Website Management

We’ll keep your newsletter and website up-to-date and at optimal performance so you don’t have to worry about tech issues or finicky errors. Just focus on the writing and we’ll take care of the rest.

Cloud Storage Migration and Organization

Can’t find documents on your Google Drive or OneDrive? Are your files split between multiple places, causing things to feel overwhelming and chaotic? We’ll clean up your storage and set up filing systems to help you store and find things easier. All that time goes back to you!

Tech Support

 We guide you through step-by-step solutions or troubleshoot remotely, ensuring your technical challenges are tackled efficiently.

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