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We've helped so many people overcome the long to-do lists and overwhelm in their businesses. Here's what some of them have to say.


Sherri Howard, Principal, Being Human

Zeda Virtual Assistants has been a lifesaver for my business and my personal well being. I now have a partner in managing the day to day, allowing me to be fully present to my coaching clients. And with all of my administrative tasks taken care of, I have the space to take better care of me.


Annelies Tjebbes, Founder, Roots & Rivers Consulting Inc.

Working with Shawna has without a doubt been one of the best decisions I've made to support and grow my business. Her diverse support on so many aspects of my business has made my work infinitely easier and more efficient. Being able to rely on Shawna to do amazing quality work and be there when I need her has put my mind at ease and let me focus on serving my clients.


Signy Wilson, Professional Coach and Speaker

I am the kind of person who wants to do a million things at once. Shawna is really good at slowing me down to look at what things are most important or will have the most impact. She has done a great job of seeing what can be automated, and then doing just that. She takes initiative, takes charge of key tasks that need to get done, and helps me to see what I can relinquish to her capable hands


Eric Franzo, Co-Founder,

Shawna is one of those rare people that somehow manages to do the work of two people in half the time.  Since joining our team, we’ve relied on her to provide a key piece of value to our customers, and she consistently delivers, without the need for oversight or continual check ins. And if that wasn’t enough, we rely on her to keep our team accountable and on point. In a startup, this is key, and we’re incredibly grateful to have her in our corner.

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